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We want you to know that all remotes and chip keys must be programmed with the vehicle.  They can not be sent pre set up or already programmed and ready for use.  They are always set up with the vehicle.  Some keys and remotes can be self set up.  Many others can not, and require the use of special equipment to get them fully operational. 

If you need a good locksmith in your area, check out this very useful site: autolocksmithfinder.com  Click on your state and look for a vendor that is close to your location.






















About Keyless-Fob

We are all about vehicle Keys And Keyless Entry Remotes.  Have you Lost or broken your key fob? Perhaps you have just purchased a vehicle that came with only one key and / or no keyless remote fobs.  Don't get stung by the price from the dealer. Buy a new or used key fob here, and save a ton of money. Please look around. We have partnered with Devhub, Amazon, and a few other sites to bring you the best deals available. Thank you. We appreciate ALL business, Big or small. We look forward to 2011 being our best year. Thanks again.

Go To Store New Ford Explorer Keyless Remote

1999 to 2010 Ford Explorer Keyless Remote

OEM Ford Keyless Entry Remote. Comes with simple self set up programming instructions. Every remote is tested before shipping to ensure it is emitting a signal.

New starting at $18.72

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Go To Store New Jeep Keyless Remote

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Remote Key Fob

Original OEM Jeep Keyless Remote.  This remote can NOT be self set up.  It will require a good auto locksmith or a dealer for proper set up.

New starting at $41.49

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Go To Store New Nissan Keyless Remote

2000 - 2005 Nissan 350Z Key Remote Key Fob

Original OEM Nissan Keyless Remote...

New starting at $36.75

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Go To Store Used Honda Keyless Remote

1999 to 2003 Honda Odyssey Remote Keyless Entry

Original USED OEM Honda Keyless Remote...

New starting at $44.95

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